Antik Restaurant + Bar San Jose

Drinking and Dining

Drinking, dining, and dancing  in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica

Situated in a historical building in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica, Antik Restaurant + Bar offers four spaces, and four fantastically varying vibes.  A multidimensional experience, and welcoming to music lovers, partiers, and foodies from every walk of life, “Antik” has become synonymous with “nightlife” in San Jose.

Casa Matute, a famed historical building at the center of San Jose, was transformed in 2014 to the trendy spot it is today. Featuring aged hardwood floors and authentic 1920s ceramic tiles throughout, as well as gilded art deco ceilings, and vintage chandeliers, the house is a resplendent representation of days gone by.

If you’re down to boogie all night long, Antik is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights. Whether you’re into house music or anything but, Antik has a little something for everyone.

Typically featuring well known DJs from around the world, Sótano is where you’ll find phenomenal music to keep your body moving till the sun comes up. With a full bar, a VIP lounge, and the DJ booth at center stage, you’ll hear rhythms varying from deep house to electronic, which come to you from famed local talent, as well as that out of New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Munich, Ibiza, San Paolo, and more.

At Street level, Restaurante is a chill space where guests can enjoy an elaborate meal from the full menu (served 6pm – 11pm), the city’s finest pizza (served till 2am!), or just a drink at the cocktail bar, where Antik’s mixologists can blend up something special. Not so loud that you can’t enjoy a conversation, but not so quiet you’d mistake it for a staid establishment, Restaurante is a great evening base camp from which to enjoy the rest of the house and all its offerings.

Home to one of San Jose’s most talented chefs, Saul Cordero, Antik also features an executive lunch service Tuesday through Friday.

At the top floor of the house, you’ll find Balcón, where local DJs play a variety of popular music ranging from Salsa to Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and Reggae. A full bar compliments a big dance floor, comfortable lounge chairs and sofas, and French doors that open to a wraparound balcony where guests can enjoy the city lights and mountain range beyond.

Finally, outdoors, is Terraza; open only on weekends and during the day, the Terraza features a great sound system, a full bar, and good food. Often hosting weekend barbecues during dry season, the covered patio is open to fresh air, fresh vibes, and fun afternoons.

If you’re looking for a place to party while in San Jose, Costa Rica, Antik Restaurant + Bar is the hottest spot in town.




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