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Costa Rica- A Raw Foodie’s Dream

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Traveling Costa Rica presents a great opportunity to eat healthy, raw, plant-based meals, given its abundance of fresh fruits and veggies.

When I was living in Playa Hermosa, just outside of Jaco, Costa Rica, I had a wonderful friend who was passionate about raw food and plant based culinary creations.

Cassidy now lives in the States, but back then she owned an amazing little venture called Pura Vida Pantry. An amazing chef and writer to boot, she also published the Pura Vida Pantry Recipe Book. Of her work, she  said, “Pura Vida Pantry is stocked with good vibes, recipes, inspiration, and tips for living the pure life.”

I WAS inspired.

Raw food and raw food preparation. I wanted to learn about it and I wanted it in my pura vida lifestyle. Fortunately, I was here in Costa Rica and I can’t think of a better place in the world to get raw with your diet.

I actually began to learn more about raw food preparation a few years before I met Cassidy, when I was spending quite a bit of time hanging out with the beautiful people of Pachamama, up near Guiones and Nosara in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

That first morning in Pachamama I stepped into the dining pavilion and gazed at the buffet style offerings of homemade granola, raw crackers, fresh fruit, crisp vegetables, and cold almond milk that awaited. I thought, ‘Uh-oh. I might literally starve to death while I’m here”. You see, I was there for a yoga workshop, which meant I was going to be doing a LOT of yoga. I was absolutely certain that I was not going to make it. How in the world was that food going to fuel my brain and body enough to get me through the day, and not just the day but probably 4 or 5 hours of yoga?!

Turned out, I was just fine. In fact, I was better than fine. Not only did it get me through all that yoga, hiking the trails between my casita and the village, workshops, and meditation, but, when I finished those 10 days in Pachamama I was more fit, stronger, and eleven pounds lighter.

The food at Pachamama is about 60% raw (i’m guessing); it is mostly vegetarian, and I say “mostly” because very occasionally, they serve sushi.   And, it is absolutely delicious. They are big on super foods, raw foods and, of course, organic. Most importantly, they always have an amazing chef in the kitchen.

I got curious. The food was phenomenal, I lost a good deal of weight, and I felt terrific.  So, when I returned home, I started doing some research and discovered David Wolf, a leading expert on raw and super foods.

World-renowned nutritional expert, David Wolfe, also did a few workshops at Pachamama over the years, joining Pachamama’s Chandani and Amari in revealing the secrets, inventions and high-vibe menus that nourish the true needs of the body; during these workshops, they taught a hands-on practice that anyone could implement in their own kitchen. How I wish I could have joined them for those retreats!

Healthy eating, whether it’s raw, vegetarian or just leaving out the “bad stuff” like sugar, gluten and preservatives, makes a huge difference in my holistic health these days. My body feels stronger, my spirit feels lighter, my head is clearer, and I am fare more focused than ever.

People like my friend Cassidy and David Wolfe bring information and light into the world around them, every day, through their enthusiasm for GOOD FOOD.  Grandma would have been proud.

Even if you’re not accustomed to a raw food lifestyle and are just feeling curious, or are seriously seeking a new way of eating, your trip to Costa Rica could be the perfect opportunity to get a taste of it- pun intended. With such an amazing abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic farmer’s markets in almost every major beach town and in San Jose, and health conscious restaurants and cafes aplenty, there’s no easier place to get started.




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