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Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Are Perfect For Groups and Families

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Vacation rentals are the way to go for a self catering, and more cost-effective, trip to Costa Rica.

With so many options to choose from, a Costa Rica vacation rental is the perfect solution for big groups and families.

Don’t get me wrong: A two-week Costa Rica vacation at a 5-star hotel, with all the amenities including spa, pool, massage, and on-site restaurants and bars is appealing. After all,  daily housekeeping service and fresh linens have their benefits, and eating out for every meal gives the cook in the family a break too.

Guest what, though? You needn’t give up the extra pampering when you stay at a vacation villa or condo. You can still have a luxury experience with a vacation rental; an entire house that is all your own.

A luxury vacation rental, such as those offered by HRG Vacations in Los Sueños Resort & Marina, offers the same  services and amenities as a five star hotel or resort.  When you close the door behind you after a day on the beach or golf course, you have all the comforts of home, and none of the responsibilities. If you don’t want to go out for dinner, you don’t even have to cook; its easy to arrange for a local chef to prepare your meals. You can also arrange housekeeping services at your convenience, not on the hotel’s schedule.

Fully furnished and equipped self-catering accommodation reflects the owner’s personality with a home-like comfortable charm that hotel rooms simply don’t have. You’re still a guest, but in someone’s home—which makes it a completely different environment. You don’t have to worry about missing breakfast, or even dressing for breakfast. You don’t have to leave so the housekeeper can tidy up, you can just go into another room or hang on the balcony. You can behave exactly as if you were in your own home.

Vacation rentals, even in luxury surroundings, help keep costs down, especially if you have a large group. The expense of booking multiple rooms for a family can quickly add up. Even budget hotels in Costa Rica run $60.00 to $80.00 U.S. per night; when you factor in two or three rooms to accommodate the entire gang for two weeks and…ouch! For the same price, nor perhaps less, you can be together in one house, avoid the worry about what the kids are up to, and be far more comfortable.

You can also save on food. A round of beers or a bottle of wine on the deck at your condo, with nibbles, is going to be cheaper than the same option at the hotel bar or poolside (and, you don’t have to tip the waiter!). A soda from the refrigerator won’t cost $2.00 at the vending machine either. You can take advantage of the local supermarket, or go out to eat.

A self-catering vacation used to be the budget option for families with children. The drawback was that, like camping, you had to bring all the linens, food and cookware with you. These days there is a full range of Costa Rica vacation rental options, and Los Sueños Resort has properties to accommodate nearly any sized-group or budget.


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