Manuel Antonio, Dominical and Uvita


Still close to San Jose, and yet far enough to really feel the magic of the rainforest, this is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful areas.

Moving further South on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, travelers begin to feel more and more immersed in the verdant rainforest jungle. These are, by far, some of our favorite beach areas in the country. Still close enough to civilization to include all the creature comforts of city life, and yet so rich with wildlife and jungle beauty, it produces a constant stream of oohs and awes.

Manuel Antonio National Park is deservedly one of the most popular national parks in Costa Rica, with beautiful white sand beaches surrounded by emerald waters and thick jungle. Manuel Antonio and Quepos also offer a huge array of choices when it comes to accommodations and dining, and there are plenty of great options for after dinner fun. Casinos, discos, beach clubs and more, nightlife is an adventure all in itself.

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