San Jose


San Jose is a great place to start, and end, your Costa Rica travels

San Jose Costa Rica is full of the usual sights and sounds found in any major city around the world; terrific restaurants, museums, parks, hotels, historical buildings, colorful people, and more.

Whether you’re down to check out the local organic farmers market, stroll the streets of Avenida Central, marvel at the spectacular architecture of the churches in the area, or just do a little drinking and dining out on the town, San Jose has plenty for world travelers to discover and enjoy.

Here are our top things to do and see in San Jose . 


There is a good deal of terrific dining in San Jose. From Soda La Tapia (a very causal all night diner) to the more upscale La Furca or Grano De Oro, you’ll find just about whatever your heart (and palate!) desires. Check out Tin Jo for Asian fusion, or La Esquina de Buenos Aires for mouth-watering steak and a great wine list!


Whether its hip hop, house or jazz, there are numerous places to drink, dance, and listen to music in San Jose.


One of San Jose’s most important tourists attractions and certainly at the hub of San Jose culture, is Teatro Nacional; and, there are a number of wonderful theaters in the city ranging from small playhouses to grander stages. Featuring plays, operas, ballet and modern dance, performance art, and orchestras, San Jose theaters have much to offer those in the mood for a little culture.


San Jose is full of museums. The Jade Museum, the Children’s Museum, the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, and the Museo De Arte Costarricense are just a few.

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