Sea Turtle Nesting Season- Ostional

Tours & Activities

Sea Turtle nesting season can be a great opportunity to volunteer and support one of Costa Rica’s most important sustainability programs


During nesting season (Aug – Nov) solitary turtles arrive almost every night at Ostional and sometimes the rare and endangered giant leatherback turtles and green sea turtles come to nest as well.

On a daytime walk on the beach you see lots of white shreds from broken turtle eggs. Crowds of black vultures sit in wait for hatching turtles or they pick and scratch impatiently with their beaks and feet in the sand to uncover the tasty eggs.

At night, when there is an arribada, you must check in with the ranger booth at the southern end of Ostional where you pay the entrance fee of $ 10. No flashlights or flash photography is permitted. Arribadas usually occur during the darkest nights: a few days before the new moon. The majority of turtles arrive between 8 pm and 4 am.


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