Travel Tips

Costa Rica travel tips for getting the most out of your vacation.


Traveling can be full of adventure, misadventure, getting wonderfully lost in just the right places, and a grand lesson in patience, cultural connection, and the beauty of discovery.  In these pages, you’ll find some of the best tips, and maybe a few hacks, to getting the most out of your travels in Costa Rica.

Meanwhile, remember these few pearly tidbits…

  • Be flexible
  • Make a list
  • Learn a few common words and phrases in Spanish (and while you’re at it, really meditate on the meaning of “pura vida” and let it influence your state of mind during your Costa Rica travels)
  • Always bring a beach wrap (yep, even guys!)
  • Do go for the travel insurance
  • Make sure you have an unlocked smart phone or tablet
  • Make photocopies of your passport and other important documents
  • Pack a basic medicine kit (and don’t forget essentials of lavender and citronella!)